Fitform Wellness collection

Choosing the right chair is very important. It influences a person's daily comfort. Fitform developed a series of riser-recliner Wellness chairs that offer the best comfort possible. Every chair is completely tailormade to it's user. Every user receives the for him or her correct sitting height, sitting depth, armrestheight, lumbar support and headsupport. Fitform Wellness chairs are also available in different sitting width's and with different backrest heights. There are many comfortabel and luxurious options and accessoires to choose from.

Changing posture is very important when sitting long. This is why all Fitform Wellnesschairs can be adjusted to many different positions. By simply pressing a knob (electrically operated chairs) or by pushing the backrest gently (manually operated chairs), sitting becomes relaxing, resting and sitting again. For people with trouble getting in and out of the chair a riserfunction can be built in.

Unique is the Fitform Tilt-in-space adjustment. This enables the occupant to be tilted forwards or backwards in the chair whilst maintaining the position of the knees and hips to achieve a resting position. Tilting the body has the effect of distributing weight over a larger conact surface area, providing a simple and effective way to combat the build up of pressure. While tilting the pressure on the back decreases which gives an extremely comfortabel experience!

The Wellness collection consists of the following chair models:

seal_of_approval_small.jpg  Enjoy the ultimate comfort of your own custom-made Fitform arm chair!

Fitform is a member of trade organisation Firevaned.

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