In 1980 a collection of special height-adjustable comfortable chairs for the elderly was created under the name of Fitform. The chairs were offered nationwide to consumers via specialist furniture shops. After a newspaper article written by Prof. Dr. Ir. C.J. Snijders (at the time Dr. Ir.) in 1981, Fitform came into contact with knowledge institutes. In his research, Prof. Snijders had found that most backaches were caused by bad footwear and bad furniture.

Individualization and tailor-made products

Soon it became clear that sound sitting required further individualization, i.e. tailor-made solutions. Additional studies after sitting resulted in a collection of Fitform chairs for the living room in the early nineties – chairs that were fully custom-made, with attention to the correct seat height, the correct seat depth, the correct armrest height, good lumbar support, good head and neck support, and the correct sitting angle.

Ergonomically sound

Fitform led the way in the Netherlands with its focus on ergonomically sound seating. The result was that, for the first time, chairs were available in the Netherlands that met all scientific views. The chairs warranted a healthy, sound sitting posture for every user/owner.

Continuous research and development

Today Fitform still applies several of the main principles of the early days. Naturally, scientific knowledge and technologies supporting sound sitting have evolved. But the starting point in the development of the collection and in finding sitting solutions has always been and will remain the users’ needs.

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Fitform is a member of trade organisation Firevaned.

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