Fitform Philosophy

Every person is unique. We all have other ideas, wishes and experiences. But we also all have different body sizes. This  is why we buy our clothing and shoes to our personal size. Isn’t it strange, that we all use the same sitting furniture?

Scientific studies after sitting in the home have shown, that the human body benefits most from a sitting furniture, that meets their body size. And a sitting furniture that offers a person the possibility to change posture. This prevents many healthproblems.

This is why Fitform tailor makes every chair. Not just S-M-L of XL but to the centimeter. With this the best possible sitting comfort is guaranteed. Due to the many adjustment possibilities of Fitform chairs, every user can sit well, relax, rest comfortably and get in and out of the chair easily.

A healthy sitting position is important for everybody. This is why Fitform chairs are designed to fit many livingrooms. Thanks to a large choice of models and upholstery, many individual wishes can be met.

Fitform = individual sitting comfort in every possible way.That is our philosophy!

seal_of_approval_small.jpg  Enjoy the ultimate comfort of your own custom-made Fitform arm chair!

Fitform is a member of trade organisation Firevaned.

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