Fitform Riserchair

Rising from the chair

When it becomes difficult to get in and out of a chair, a riser function enables a person to stay independent.

Depending on the specific needs of the user, the Fitform riserfunction can be adjusted to 4 different rising movements. From straight up to slightly tilting forwards.

It is important that the movement is not too fast for this causes instability. It is also important that during the risemovement, the seat does not come forward and starts pressing against the knees.

For safety reasons, when a Fitform chair rises, the legrest is automatically folded. In case there is a revolving platform under the chair, this will be braked.

The Fitform riserfunction gives it's user a stable and safe way to stay independent as long as possible!

seal_of_approval_small.jpg  Enjoy the ultimate comfort of your own custom-made Fitform arm chair!

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