Other important elements of good seating

In order to ensure the body assumes the correct natural anatomical position and optimal sitting posture, all the features of a chair must be tailored to each individual's exact measurements. Ensuring correct seat height, depth and angle combine d with corres armrest height and lumbar support will in turn result in a healthy and comfortable posture.

All Fitform chairs have tilt-in-space. Here the backrest and the seat tilt forwards or backwards together. Tilt-in-space enables the user to be relax whilst maintaining the position of the knees and hips to achieve a resting position. By tilting the body weight and body pressure is reduced.

Back angle recline
This facilitates a resting or napping position and is best used after having tilted. The back angle adjustment can also be used to create a larger angle between seat and backrest if necessary.

Elevating legrest
This assists with the lymphatic and blood circulation. Lifting an straightening the knees has the effect fo allowing the blood to circulate more easily, reducing the effort required by the haert and arterial systems. Raising the legs can also help alleviate leg oedema, a build up op fluid in the legs.

Riser function
The riser function gently lifts the individual to a standing position without significant pressure placed upon limbs and joints whilst stability and positioning is maintained by ensuring the feet remain close to the floor.

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